Email Marketing: Carefully Consider When To Send Out Batch Emails

You’re about to send out an email to your database and you get to that final screen. You have two options, send now, or schedule for later. This is actually a very daunting choice, choosing the wrong time or day to send your campaign can have a profound difference on the results of what you send. So how do you decide?

The best way is to consider what your target market for the campaign is doing on any given time or day. Is your target audience facing Mondayitis? Are they having drinks ready for the weekend? Are they struggling through hump day? Below are some examples of different campaigns and when to send them.

If I’m a take away shop offering up a discount for dinner, the optimum time to send this would be around 4.30pm on a Friday. Why? Majority of people don’t like to cook on a Friday night. They’ve faced a full week of work and are ready to leave. Before their drive home they have an email telling them that they don’t have to worry about dinner because they can get a good deal on a feed – now they’re driving home thinking about that delicious discount feed.

If I’m business targeting other businesses on a discount on our product, the optimum time to send this would be Tuesday morning. Why? Monday, business people are playing catch up. Wednesday is hump day and it seems to be that crazy day where you realise you’ve done not enough work all week and you need to get it done NOW. Thursday is a good day to communicate – but we don’t want to send a discount towards the end of the week when people are about to hit the weekend. Friday everyone seems to be drunk. This leave Tuesday morning.

Take a look at your audience for a specific campaign, think carefully about what they might be doing when that email goes out. Get the wrong day and you might find their fingers on the delete button. No pressure…

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