Cloud computing vs Cats 101

With so many cloud hosting solutions out there for you to choose, do you ever wonder which one is the best suite for you? I hope this article can help you out.

Note: if you are not a cat person, please wait for my next article …

Heroku – Tonkinese

They are easy. You want more fun with them? Get more of them! Just pay your bills and keep them fed, you will be like a happily married couple.



AWS – Himalayan cat

They are beautiful, elegant and make you proud of yourself. Often you start with just a cat, but soon you feel like only toys and scratch pad that match their style would make sense in the house, so you get involved more and more, slowly. They could be expensive depending on how much you love it.



Azure – Lykoi

They are fresh, newly discovered, aggressive but none the less, powerful. A lot people don’t know them yet, but the people who do have only good things to say.



Linode – Singapura

These guys are fast, very fast. Not necessarily the smartest but if you just want somebody to be there, on timeĀ  every time, they are who you should go to.



Rackspace – Egyptian Mau

One of the most famous name in it’s world. They have all the standard features that its breed requires, I’m not sure about the texture of the fur nor their attitude to strangers. I would stand at a distance and appreciate it’s beauty.





More coming in next blog (or not).

If you have different opinions, please don’t contact me.

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