Click Frenzy – The Positives

Firstly, I don’t want to jump on the band wagon and say we could have handled it better, or how they should have planned more etc. I’ll even refrain from using puns like ‘the nation stopped the sale’. I think they are well aware of what they should have done and are learning from their mistakes.

I would prefer to look at the positives that this shows for Australian retailers, which is that people will shop online! The sheer numbers mentioned with Click Frenzy shows that people would (and generally prefer) to shop online for deals. For most, it is an obvious statement that people will shop online, however, some retailers still don’t see this as an essential market asset, nor do they fully understand the benefits (which is scary). Yes, a comprehensive eCommerce solution can be a substantial investment, but not in comparison to a high street store (which essentially it is). To understand the reach of a website compared to a physical store can be hard for some people to gasp: it’s no longer ‘new media’, but for some, it still very much is.

People want to be able to impulse shop on demand, and desktop / tablet / mobile are now the norm to allow people to do this. Coupled with a strong SEO/social media strategy, it is an extremely powerful thing (probably the most). Times are changing, have changed, and I’m hoping events of the last 24 hours show more ‘fence sitters’ that the demand is there.

If retailers want to know where their customers are… they just need to look online!

Just a side-note, we specialize in Magento eCommerce websites, which coincidentally is what powers Click Frenzy and most other major retailers for that matter. Despite its performance issues for Click Frenzy (which is more the hosting than the application) it is the market leader and becoming the standard for ecommerce.

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