5 Mobile Website Articles and Tools We’re Loving Right Now

What better way to round off an entire month of mobile-focused content than to share some of our favourite online tools and articles we’ve found on the subject? We love helping people to level up their digital presence, and nowhere is that more obvious than in the way your website is designed. Check out some of our favourite mobile web design resources right now:

Google Answers Questions About AMP Indexing

Got questions about Accelerated Mobile Pages and how they work with Google indexing? Google has answers, and Search Engine Journal has provided a convenient summary of them. The article addresses AMP’s impact on rankings, indexing time frame and more— all without the need to trawl through Google’s help page.

A Reference Guide For Typography In Mobile Web Design

With all this talk of plugins and templates, it’s easy to forget one of the key parts of web design— the actual design! Trends come and go but typography is forever, so it’s crucial to stay on top of what works with websites.

This super handy guide breaks down everything from terminology to positioning, all while keeping it relevant to mobile websites. The examples used make this complex subject easy for even the amateur web designer to understand.

Inside Google’s Plan to Make the Whole Web as Fast as AMP

Accelerated Mobile Pages really are the future. But what exactly does Google have planned? According to this article, faster mobile browsing is only the beginning. This is a must-read for not only web designers and developers, but anyone who wants to stay ahead of the Google curve and future-proof their own website.

Introducing the Mobile Speed Scorecard and Impact Calculator

Nothing helps to contextualise statistics more than comparisons, and this Google tool does just that. It not only allows you to compare speeds from up to 10 mobile websites, but estimates how your mobile website’s speed could be impacting your business’ revenue.

Is Your Web Page Mobile-friendly?

Last but certainly not least is one of our favourite Google tools for double-checking that any website’s mobile presence is operating just as it should. It’s easy to let something slip by that could compromise your website’s mobile compatibility, so this tool is perfect for making sure every box is ticked.

Ready to put your newfound mobile website knowledge to good use? Contact us to get started with making your website mobile-friendly and bring your business into the modern digital age.

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