EnviroVeg helps improve the longevity of vegetable growing regions, benchmark industry data, and develop industry recognition by providing resources for sustainable growing techniques. With the EnviroVeg program, business owners and growers are able to measure their sustainability efforts, protect their financial future, and know they’re helping the environment.

Sustainability Website for mobile

The Challenge

EnviroVeg’s website was originally a few basic pages and a downloadable PDF manual which could not be accessed easily via the website. They came to us knowing we could take their digital presence to the next level.


Problems to tackle:

– They were lacking a strong digital presence which aligned with their brand

– Content was not easily digestible, engaging, or working effectively

– EnviroVeg weren’t able to efficiently edit or showcase their content

– Needed to increase member registrations and support existing members

Our Approach

Our approach was to first and foremost consider the user experience. This meant our team created an easy-to-navigate site, that’s also simple to edit and populate in the back end.

Creating an information hub that incorporates the manual as individual pages with a clear hierarchy. This makes it easier for users to navigate and access documentation across different devices.

information hub for Sustainability Website

With EnviroVeg’s target audiences in mind, building a system that helps people clearly understand the benefits of the program for growers, researchers, the industry and the consumer.

user registration for Sustainability Website

Enabling EnviroVeg to make changes as required via the CMS, Wiki-page style using the WordPress platform.

CMS for Sustainability Website

Attracting new members to sign up to the program by driving brand recognition and creating a clear user flow on a dedicated platform.


Since starting with Emote, EnviroVeg has transformed from minimal web presence to a sophisticated, comprehensive, and appealing digital presence.

In this initial stage, we’re happy to report that existing growers regularly use the website. EnviroVeg are transferring more and more of their manual content to the website and long-term this will be their chief resource for their members. The goal is for growers to feel supported and have much faster and easier access to the manual, no longer needing to print off bulky PDFs — saving paper, too!

Now, their website is fit for an industry leader in sustainable production methods. With a functioning and appealing website, EnviroVeg can enable more growers to increase their yield, protect their income, and grow sustainably. Emote was happy to help a cause that makes a real difference in sustainability efforts.

EnviroVeg Sustainability Website

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